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Pricing in payment processing is one of the most complex of any industry. We work to be ridiculously transparent with our pricing. You get the lowest rates with no increases and no locked in contracts.

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Don’t know what’s the best option for you? We get it, picking the best pricing option can be tough. We are standing by to help you determine which plan will save you the most on your payment processing.

 Clearly Payments will drive your cost of accepting payments down. It’s our mission.



Clear, transparent pricing with flexibility. You choose the plan that’s best for you

Clearly Payments is on a mission to drive the cost of accepting payments down. With our flexible pricing models of either becoming a member or Cost Plus pricing, the choice is yours. Either way, you save..

Full service

You decide which plan works best for you. If you aren’t satisfied you can cancel at any time with no penalties.

No need to negotiate

With Clearly Payments you can get direct access to cost with either a membership fee or a transparent mark-up. No hidden fees or surprises.

Save money

Our mission is to drive the cost of accepting payments down. With either a membership or Cost Plus pricing, you’ll save.
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Pick your plan and start saving today.

Join us on our mission to drive the cost of accepting payments down.
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Get access to wholesale payment processing rates for a low fixed monthly fee. You can’t get cheaper credit card processing than this.